How to Unblock Someone on Instagram

You might be wondering how to unblock someone on Instagram. This article will explain how to unblock anyone on the social media site. This article will also help you get a list of blocked users. You can also unblock a user if they have blocked you. There are a few different methods that you can use to do this. Here […]

How to Brand Your Instagram Story Background

You can make any color of your Instagram story background brandable. The colors can include text, emojis, GIFs, stickers, and more. Instead of using a single color, try branding all the color options. For better results, use branded colors and make your story background unique to your brand. Then, you can use the colors to brand all your other content. […]

How to Share a Link on IG Story

Adding a link to your Instagram story can increase user engagement and even conversions. Businesses, blogs, and websites can all benefit from the link feature of IG Stories. However, before you start adding links, be sure that they are relevant and provide value to users. Sharing deceptive or cloaked links can result in the suspension or even the permanent ban […]

How to Make a Close Friends Story on Instagram

When you make a Story on Instagram, you have two options for who can see it – the whole world or a list of selected friends. The former is the easiest option since it allows you to choose who can view your Story. The latter is more practical because it only shows people who are in your Close friends list. […]

How to Hide Instagram Suggested Posts

Are you tired of seeing ads in your feed and are looking for ways to stop Instagram suggested posts from appearing in your newsfeed? Read this article to learn how to hide Instagram suggested posts and manage your interests. Alternatively, you can opt out of all suggestions and hide them altogether. Then, you can manage your interests and manage which […]