Pros as well as Cons of Social Media

Multitasking has become a frequent topic in our lives. It’s an amazing feat to can manage everything.   We rely on our phones to work, school as well as our social and personal lives. What was the last time you went out with your phone in your pocket and continued moving? It’s become a major element of our life. Social […]

Ten facts on Americans as well as Facebook

Facebook the giant of social media which was established in 2004 and is now home to greater than 2.8 million monthly active users across the globe is often the focus of attention in both the United States and abroad.   A few lawmakers from certain lawmakers from the U.S. have argued that Facebook has become too dominant and must be […]

Food Businesses Lose Faith in Instagram After Algorithm Changes

Instagram’s decision to prioritize videos over photos can result in unexpected cost for small-scale businesses and owners who are disappointed.   Cooking Feast is a cookbook that includes recipes written by food writers and inspiration for food by Sam Sifton and NYT Cooking. Send it to your inbox.   Sana Javeri Kadri leaned heavily on Instagram to promote her business […]

Two New Ways to Control Your Instagram Feed

Takeaways Today we’re introducing two fresh methods to select the posts you view on your feed Followers and Favorites. Favorites will show you the most recent posts from particular accounts you select Follow shows you posts from the people you follow. Following and Both Favorites will show posts chronologically. Today we’re unveiling Favorites followed and Favorites, which are both different […]