Instagram Guides on Instagram are the ideal way to share well-curated, scrollable content with your followers.


They offer users a straightforward method to digest a large number of Instagram posts, products or other places in a simple-to-read format.


However they are unpopular, which is why they are a fantastic chance to stand your brand distinct on Instagram.


What Are Instagram Guides?

Instagram Guides are an online blog that is a miniscule version of Instagram. They let users browse through a carefully curated stream of content and commentarymuch like blog posts.

They are a great way to organize gift guides, product reviews and content roundups. They can also be used to create Travel guides, FAQ guides reviews of restaurants and many more.


They’re unique to other Instagram feature as you can filter feed posts, items or even locations across Instagram by bringing them together with your own commentary.


Your Guides also are in one area on your profile on your profile: the Instagram guide tab.

If a user clicks one of the feed posts within a Guide the user is directed right back to their original page which makes them ideal to give content that’s been around for a while fresh start.

Hello, evergreen content!

How to Make an Instagram Guide

To start your Guide, simply tap the plus icon at the top-right corner of your profile and choose “Guide.”


From this page, you are able to select 3 different types of formats: Locations Products and Posts. Choose the kind of Guide you’d like to make and follow the on-app instructions to create your content.


After you’ve selected the places or Products you’d like to highlight on your Guide you’ll be able to change the order of the blocks, “Add a Title” and “Change Cover Photo,” and add the titles and comments (optional) to each block of content.


Once you’re pleased with your Guide’s content After you’re happy with your Guide, simply click “Next” in the top-right left corner after which click “Share.”


Published Guides cannot be added with your account feed (yet). Instead, they’re stored on a separate Guides tab in your account. Guides also appear in your followers’ home feeds within the first moments and days following publication.


What Are The Different Types of Instagram Guides?

#1: Instagram Place Guides

The initial Instagram Guide format is a collection of locations. These Guides are excellent as city guides, guides for restaurants and travel suggestions.

You can search for places on Instagram’s library or select from locations that you’ve previously added tags to or saved to feed posts.


If you select a location you’ll be able to select an image assigned to that place to be included on your guide.


#2: Instagram Product Guides


The next kind that Instagram Guide you can curate is an item Guide. This Guide is great for new product launches or product recommendations, roundups or gift guides.

You can upload or link to any product that is you see on Instagram.


If you’d like to feature products from a company’s Instagram Shop You can either search for it , or choose on your list of Wishlist.


#3: Instagram Post Guides

The next kind of Instagram Guide you can post is a compilation of Instagram feed posts.

You can save Instagram posts that you’ve made or saved (even when you’re not the author of the post).


Post Guides are ideal for compilations and curating lists of websites. They’re ideal to distribute educational content or analyzing recent news or happenings.


Where to Find Instagram Guides

To get access to Guides on Instagram, to access an Instagram Guide, go to a user’s profile page , then click the Guides icon that is located at on top of the feed:

If you don’t be able to see the icon due to the fact the user doesn’t have any guides published.


Additionally, you can find suggested product Guides through the Shop tab and then tapping”Guides” at the top of the screen “Guides” button at the top of the page.


Instagram Guides Best Practices

Are you ready to write the best guides for your company? Here are four great ideas to remember:


Tip #1: Think About What Your Audience Wants

Utilizing Instagram Guides is a fantastic method of organizing and curating posts for your followersthe possibilities for creativity are limitless.


Take note of which Instagram content your users have been the most interested in Use this data to inform your Guide’s content.


For instance for instance, on Later the audience we serve is comprised of small-business owners as well as social media managers who are looking for tips on social media. We realized that, and have created a Guide that highlights the five most loved Social Media Podcasts.


If in doubt, ask your audience. Post your Instagram Stories poll or a poll stickers or ask them which type of Guides they’re most interested in.


Tip #2: Share Instagram Guides in Stories

Since Instagram Guides don’t appear in the main feed, you might consider giving them an additional boost via Instagram Stories.


It’s a good thing that you can upload Instagram Guides to Instagram Stories.


This is how you can share Instagram content. Guides on Stories.

  1. Open your Instagram Guide
  2. Tap the icon of the paper airplane located in the left-hand bottom corner.
  3. Choose “Add guide to your story”


It’s that easy!


Tip #3: Highlight Your Community

If you’re a business and want to promote your brand, this is an excellent opportunity to showcase your products in the wild, and also provide important information.


Consider creating an instructional guide to show your customers who are wearing their products such as @tjswim


Users can locate UGC (UGC) by scrolling manually through your tags on your images and the hashtags you have created on your page.Or it is possible to make UGC search process simple with the features of Later’s Collect:

  • Later’s Search by Hashtag
  • Retrieve media from the mentions
  • Find and easily gather media from photos tagged with HTML0

Tip #4: Use Guides to Build Strategic Relationships

Guides are an excellent opportunity to shine a light on the creators, brands or other peers within your circle — which is a huge benefit for creating a profile.


If you’re a creator or a brand in a specific field you can create A Guide listing 10 accounts who create articles that are devoted to your topic matter (including your own).


It’s an excellent way to grab their attention, engage them in the conversation and who knows -it could be that they’ll include you in the next Guide in the near future!


This is exactly what makes Instagram Guides a great relationship-building tool.


Instagram Guides provide a new method of curating as well as consume information on Instagram and opens new opportunities for story telling and e-commerce through the app.

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