instagram post from two accounts

There are two ways to schedule an Instagram post to appear on both accounts. The first is called collaborative posting and is similar to traditional tagging. The second is known as sharing a post with a friend. Using collaborative posts allows you to share your posts with a friend or group of friends. Once you’ve linked your accounts, you can schedule the posts to appear on both accounts. To do so, just tap on the “Share” button on one of the accounts.

How to create a second Instagram account

You may have noticed that there are two ways to log in to your Instagram account. First, you can use another e-mail address, or connect your Instagram account with your Facebook or Contacts account. Once you’ve done this, you can start posting and switch back to your original account. Note that you can’t create more than one account using the same phone number or email address. This prevents you from accidentally locking yourself out of your other account.

You can also link your two accounts on the same app or phone. However, this will not publicly link the accounts together. In order to use the second account, you have to promote your first one. You can do this by tagging the second account in your bio or in posts or stories. Alternatively, you can use a different phone number for the second account. But be sure to use a different email address so that you can easily switch between accounts.

Collaborative posts are similar to traditional tagging

Collabs are a way to promote other people’s content and increase your engagement with them. By sharing your content, you’ll reach out to new audiences and gain more followers. Since people in the same niche are likely to visit your collaborator’s profile and follow you back, collab posts will make outreach easier. Here’s how to set up a collab post:

Once you tag a collaborator, they’ll appear in your post’s header. If they accept your invitation, they’ll be able to re-share the post on their own feed. Similarly to traditional tagging, collaborative posts on Instagram will also appear on your collaborator’s feed. Just like in traditional tagging, you can invite other people to collaborate with you.

The most obvious use for Instagram collabs is for brands. Red Bull, a leading energy drink, has 15 million followers, while Neymar’s following is up to 165 million. By working together, the two brands created an authentic video that appealed to both audiences. After watching, Neymar’s fans might migrate to Red Bull. And while Instagram Collabs can be a great way for brands to promote their content, it’s important to remember that you still need to label your sponsored content.

Scheduling a post to appear on linked accounts

Using the publishing feature of Facebook’s social network, you can schedule a post to appear on all of your linked accounts. You can select which accounts you want to schedule content for and choose a specific time and date. This way, you can supplement your Timeline with new content. You can schedule posts up to 6 months in advance. Posts that are too far out will not be displayed on your Timeline. You can also schedule milestones.

Sharing a post with a friend

If you want to share a post from two different Instagram accounts with a friend, you should know how to do this. The process is very similar to tagging someone in a post. To add collaborators to your post, go through the normal posting process and tap “Tag People” or “Invite Collaborator.” You can invite more than one collaborator, but you are only limited to 20 tags combined. In the event that you accidentally invite the wrong person, you can remove the collaborator and then share the post with your friend.

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