• Today we’re introducing two fresh methods to select the posts you view on your feed Followers and Favorites.
  • Favorites will show you the most recent posts from particular accounts you select Follow shows you posts from the people you follow.
  • Following and Both Favorites will show posts chronologically.

Today we’re unveiling Favorites followed and Favorites, which are both different methods to select what content appears on your feed. We hope that you will be able to tailor Instagram into the most enjoyable experience. Giving you the ability to see quickly what you’re attracted to is an important move in that direction.

What Are Favorites and Following?

You Instagram feed is comprised of images and videos from your followers including suggested posts, and other. As time passes, we’ll be able to provide more recommendations in your feed that are based on your preferences Followers and Favorites is a new way to stay up to date on the most recent posts from your accounts.


Favorites displays the most recent posts of the accounts you have chosen including your most trusted friends and most loved creators. Additionally, when you view this feed posts from accounts that are that are in Favorites will also show more prominently in your feed at home.


Following will show you posts by those you follow. Both Favorites and Following display posts chronologically, which means you’ll be able to quickly read up on the latest posts.


To access Favorites and Follow to use Favorites and Follow, click Instagram at the top left-hand corner of the homepage to select what you will see.

Mockup of the Product of Favorites, and Followers on Instagram

How Your Favorites List Works

Utilize Favorites to view the latest posts from accounts that you’ve added to your Favorites list. It is possible to add as many accounts on your list and you can make changes to the list at any point -the users are not informed of their addition or removed. Accounts that are on your list of favorites will also appear higher on your home feed, which is indicated by the star icon.

More Choice and Control Over What You See in Your Feed

We’re always looking for ways to enhance you Instagram experience. We’ll continue to add features such as Favorites and Following for you to have more options as well as control of what content you view and will help to make your time using the app more thoughtful.

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